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Rebelskamp is a unique and eclectic band of improvisational musicians that is known for their musical originality, their intense and evocative live shows, and their keen ability to adapt to any given environment. This South Bay Area-based band of brothers and friends acts as a chameleon of the music scene, playing different sets to suit their surroundings, and bringing a barrier-breaking, genre-bending musical experience every single time, that is not only musically magical, but their vibe is decidedly different at every event. Though they blend many genres together, a signature sound emanates from these players. Rebelskamp music is a gift of unfiltered artistic expression in its most free form, and Rebelskamp's sound and feel reflects the collective musical influences of its members, touching on elements of soul, psychedelic rock, funk, jazz, blues, and hip-hop music. This universal blend of sounds is what makes the Rebelskamp so unique and unpredictable live. The group consists of G Willikers (Jesse Huelsenkamp) on vocals, guitars, percussion, Verse (Jeremiah Huelsenkamp) on bass and backing vocals, Justin Huelsenkamp on synth, vocoder & effects, Juan Maserati on keyboards, Dan G on drums and percussion, and Kenny Bundy on saxophone.