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After a stint with the Marines in the Iraq war, Andrew Heine chose the artist's path, going as far as to live out of his car in San Diego, selling his paintings for burrito money. Andrew formed Dogcatcher during that time, eventually relocating to his native San Francisco Bay Area. Dogcatcher features Heine on electric Rhodes piano and vocals, Jared Milos on bass, Joey Guthrie on percussion, Geoff McCann on guitar, and Ramon Esquivel on drums. 

Dogcatcher took their time to carefully craft their 2016 album, “Dogcatcher”, with producer/engineer Aaron Hellam in Oakland, CA. While the album veers from horn-driven southwestern feels to bouncy synth-rock to raucous blues stomps, there is a cohesive string of danceable head-bobbing beats that ties it all together. The single “My Sunshine” was featured on Live 105’s Sunday-night Soundcheck show.

Their most recent single, "SRM" (2018), features a verse from indie-rap legend Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious), and will be included on a forthcoming full-length which is currently in production.