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SunFalls is a Portland-based modular synth artist.

Composing, performing, writing and collaborating up and down the West Coast since 2001. From noise cello improv for Butoh Theatre to experimental Ableton sets and merging into Eurorack synthesis in 2013. He has been a recurring solo and collaborative performer at Volt Divers, the premier Portland-based hardware monthly. The Sonic Lodge performance series and Modular on the Spot.

“SunFalls will guide you toward an alien realm of metallic sound structures that fracture into a world of kaleidoscopic colors.
Let its electric jolts prod the listener’s cerebral cortex.
Embrace this paradox, shed the blankets of easy comfort, and find your own warmth in SunFalls icy space-scape.” -Robert Ham of Experimental Portland.


Review: SunFalls – They Love Data
by SDMPDX’s Nicholas Swartz featured on experimentalportland.com

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