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In the year of our Lord 1676, on a cold and rainy night, the crew of the feared "O'Craven" furiously sailed through the Atlantic Ocean. After pillaging an English flagship they were on the run from an English armada. Losing the wind and about to be overtaken by the English, In a desperate attempt to hide, the ships navigator "Mr. Bones", told the captain about a haunted stretch of sea, known as the "Devil's Triangle." Without any other options Captian Cloud ordered the ships crew, a band of ruthless Celtic pirates, made up of, "Calico, the feared Ducky, Mr. Bones, and Wicked Dick Saxon, to set a new course for the triangle.

As soon as they entered the triangles waters a unearthly fog came upon them. The ships compass started to spin in circles, they heard the cries of banshees flying above the ships sails. A eire green light appear directly in front of the ships stern. The captain ordered the crew to set a new course, but it was too late.... A time vortex opened up directly in front of them, sucking the ship and it's crew into a whirlpool of psychedelic light! And with a final flash the ship was gone.

The crew awoke to find themselves lying not on their ships deck but on a stage, transported into the year of our lord 2008. with a plethora of musical instruments lying around them, and 50,000 people in an audience directly in front of them with wide eyed and with open mouths.... The captain was bewildered. Not knowing what to do the captain looked at his crew and yelled "Avast! Let's rock thar faces off boys!, and then we pillage them afterwards!" But the crew of the dregs soon learned that rock was all they needed to fill their treasure chest!

They have been sailing from port to port rocking faces off ever since, and searching for their treasured, lost ship!