Anno Domini 2009

ARMOgedon 2057

ARMOgedon 2057

Barefoot Coffee

Barefoot Coffee
The Quintessential coffee thing. The aromas dancing, senses tingling and soul stirring experience that is the Barefoot Café. Sweet coffee love, everyday, all day. This is where celestial bodies of blood, sweat, artistry and devotion collide. Coffee and espresso sales.

Beyond Wonderland

Black & Brown

Black and Brown
Black and Brown specializing in Vintage and Modern clothing will present to you fashions coincided with there "Hyper Color Blackout!" fashion show. Bringing you the 90's in 2009 with local designer JSSN Couture and in-house designs by Black and Brown!

Lacey Bryant

Lacey Bryant In addition to exhibiting her artwork, Lacey will be drawing on the spot, colorful oil pastel portraits for $10 each!

Keith Bunnell
Keith has been a Raku artist for the last 4 years now, "Just the feel of the clay and the heat of the fire instantly got me hooked from day one."

Charcoal Addict
Charcoal drawings, mixed media paintings, works on paper


You've maybe heard of it, maybe thought you've seen it, but mostly you have misunderstood one of the greatest marvels of the 21st century. What exactly is ChkNfsh? Where does it come from? Can one really eat it?....

In a time where nothing is familiar, and everything we know has been turned inside out, Chknfsh emerges from the depths of pop culture, churning up melodic beats, overlaid with audio/video-sampled obscurities from the golden ages of visual electronic information. It is an experiment to say the least. Former members of Catfive challenge the audience to remember what it is we are to do in the future, by studying sights and sounds of the past in a new context, presented in stunning 2-d color video and sterophonic sound through the Catavision 5000 Samplereflector. Dust off your transistor radio and grab a fresh set of batteries, Chknfsh will also be broadcasting their pirate Micro-transmissions Live on 88.1 FM from their booth on the street this year.

John Cloud
Cloud Concepts, a combination of awesome hand painted canvasses, digital prints, comics, clothing and more...come see live painting with John Cloud.

Content Magazine

CONTENT Magazine
Content Magazine is a new "lifestyle and culture magazine for and by the people of San Jose."


CUKUI creates mens and womens apparel heavily influenced by graffiti and polynesian designs. We are a mixed plate of lifestyles, here in the west coast, more specifically the bay area.

Dave Dexter

Dive! Social commentary through images to push buttons, kill dinosaurs,roll over boulders, set buildings on fire and to shove America out of its comatosed, silent, obedient consent.

Divine Orchid Clothing

el PeepShow

Flashing Panda logo

Flashing Panda "Stuff that Lights Up!"
LED Keychains and Flashlights | Flashing Barware | Raver Bling | Party Favors & Toys
... and much more!

Michael Foley Michael Foley will be selling small original pieces of affordable art, prints, buttons and shirts. Improvised live painting through the evening, with those pieces available that same night for the attendees of the event.

Andy Gouveia

Henna Tattoos by Evelyn

James Moore Photography James William Moore's images capture his view of some often-missed moments in life. He will be displaying selected works from his collection, as well as offering framed pieces, matted prints, and collections of notecards.

Jim Dandy's

Judgement Day

M dot Strange, live animation
Live, interactive stop-motion participatory animation with Dr. M dot Strange, creator of We Are the Strange.

Make/Shift Artisans Guild featuring Force 129
Make/Shift Artisans Guild is a collective of artisans who've focused there skills and abilities on creating sustainable arts and crafts. M/SAG is featuring local artist & designer FORCE 129 and his totally unique style of locally made apparel using re-used and re-imagined materials.

Necessary Voodoo

Necessary Voodoo
Necessary Voodoo offers screen printed clothing for men and women { everyday magic } independently made by a local artist. Each individual piece is custom, special and unique wearable art for the future. They will be selling diy fashion and screen printing on location. (Image: Necessary Voodoo)


Mahoney Perkins

Al Preciado
My works are expressive figurative with references to dogs and Mythology. They are Ceramic with acrylic coverings.

Quite Contrary Productions Inc.
"Trina Merry, Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?
With Splatters, and Spray and Richocet and SNAZZY human canvases all in a row!"

Come visit Trina Merry as she paints human canvases in front of her projected short video "Corn" and MCs the Anno Domini stage!

The Quite Contrary booth will have hand-painted and hand-cut spray stencil LP art, prints and affordable, original paintings. Maybe there's more, but we're not telling! Free prize from the Cracker Jack tin while supplies last!

Linda Ritter

San Jose Glass Artist Alliance
The San Jose Glass Artist Alliance will have pieces from several local glass artists. Original works include decorative items such as pumpkins, vases and plates along with fused and torch worked jewelry. A portion of the proceeds will support the new Art Glass Center opening in July this year.

San Jose Yarn Bombers
Yarn Bombers explore the use of yarn for guerrilla urban expression in public space. Yarn bombing is knitting or crocheting as street art. San Jose Yarn Bombers will use simple rectangles of bright colored stripes to stitch around trees and posts to liven up the urban environment.

Sarah Beth Goncarova

SHARE San Jose
SHARE is a global organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities. Local SHARE groups hold free, open jams and workshops in their communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into a common system, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video. SHARE furnishes the amplification and projection. SHARE happens weekly to monthly in cities around the world, where interesting things happen.

For SubZERO Festival SHARE will provide interactive visuals and music by local members. Both the interactive graphics and those created live utilize custom software and controllers. Other visuals will be generated using live camera input giving festival-goers the opportunity to play and interact with the projected displays. In addition to the imagery there will be several musical instruments and unique controllers that attendees can use to help make music. (Video: a SHARE jam, about 10 of us all plugged into a common system for a 2-hour jam with fellow audio and video freaks.)

Shorty Fatz bikes

Shorty Fatz Bikes
Shorty Fatz is a bicycle design center, and manufacturing company created by Matthew Rodriguez and Samuel Rodriguez. We first teamed up as a duo, combining metal fabrication technique, graffiti art, and traditional design aesthetics to create unprecedented exhibitions of custom bicycles.

We make two types of bicycles, the first being the "Ping Series" that is our cruiser style bike. The second is also our newest endeavor, titled the "Eight Series". This bicycle is a single speed that we designed as a transportation solution during these crazy economic times, and turbulent gas prices. We made it to perform for everyday usage such as commuting, etc.

Shorty Fatz fabricates all our frames in San Jose, Ca. Hubs and bottom brackets for the 8 Series are supplied and fabricated by Phil Wood & Co., also located in San Jose. Our creative approach is in line with our artistic and cultural roots, except now we've added in mathematics and precision. We are fortunate to have the ability and technical support to make all our frames right here in the U.S.A. and employ talented locals.

We feel that it's important to build community, and stimulate local cultural growth. Thanks for your support and interest.


Slave Labor Graphics

Slave Labor Graphics
Slave Labor Graphics, an independent, local comic book publisher, will display and pass out comics. The first publisher of such notable comic book artists as Evan Dorkin, Andi Watson and Jhonen Vasquez, SLG has been known to be on the forefront of discovering and fostering new talent in the comics industry. seeking out and publishing comics that are fun, smart, and fresh and that offer a different perspective from what you'll find anywhere else.

A community of fixed gear cyclists who come together to ride and party in San Jose.

Step into an urban photo booth to have your picture taken before artist-painted backdrops and pick up some locally created goods (t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc.).

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