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Confirmed Bands/Musicians for the 6th Annual SubZERO Festival on June 7, 2013


With an insatiable songwriting itch, I feel blessed that I have been invited play my songs in and around the South Bay, particularly at venues here in el centro of my hometown, San Jose. Influences include Ani DiFranco, Michelle Shocked, and Leonard Cohen.





Corpus Callosum is finely-crafted songs and obsessively-arranged music, paired with experimental puppetry, installation and performance-art. Self-produced with a DIY spirit, this ensemble manufactures wonderment with quality musicianship and understated magicianship.



Since 2008, electronic artist Dru has been releasing audio and interactive content through his website He is working on a self produced video game for iOS and Android devices to be released later this year along with his fourth album. Druniverse_2013.jpg


HALO BETWEEN | inventor and transformer of Sonic Toys - to create a new sound natures than those the toys originally produced. generated by playing with the musical system. Maciel began experimenting with mixing sounds and beats and the possibilities of the voice, creating a musical amalgam of sorts. The project has developed a "unique and universal language" - as singing is a primitive quality of human beings "your internal child alive" | "Halo Between" opens the possibility for every child, adult, or chimera to join in singing hymns whose flexible structure allows singing from beginning to end in a concert.

HALO BETWEEN, has Recorded & Played in; Japan, Argentina, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Colombia, United Kingdom, MEX, and in some of the greatness music festivals in Iceland such as the "Iceland Air Waves Fest" in Reykjavik, - the most memorable being the opportunity to play in Bjork`s store at 2008.



We're a group of electronic musicians and artists based in the heart of Silicon Valley who get together and improvise long sets of music and visuals. Preparation is minimal, so what you see and hear is a realtime expression of our collective aesthetic. Our style bridges between techno and house. We like swing, abstract polyrhythms, generative algorithms, and patterns. We are musicians, engineers, builders, makers, technicians. This is how we hear the heartbeat of silicon valley.


Steve Cooley
Derek Scott
Charles Johnson


MAD NOISE is a six-piece jazz/pop ensemble (guitars, drums, upright bass, cello, harmonica, and trumpet) that has been twice named Best Band in the Bay in the SF Bay Guardian's Reader's Poll in 2011 and 2012. The reason for our success is simple: as free jazz-trained musicians we can adapt our music and approach to suit a number of spaces and audiences, whether functioning as an acoustic-only busking band in farmer's markets, street festivals, art galleries, or theaters, or plugging up to play at SF Bay Area music clubs such as Yoshi's (SF), The Uptown (Oakland), The Boom Boom Room (SF), and Great American Music Hall (SF)--to name a few.


MARK CAMP (aka Astronout)

Mark Camp has been producing an array of eclectic electronic music since 1984. with synths, drummachines, a laptop, and piles of FX, Mark has been hooked on ambient soundscapes and downtempo beats. You can find Mark playing everywhere from club, posh art gallery openings, and glamorous lounges in and about the bay area. To find out were he's playing next and check out some fresh new tracks, please visit his Facebook and soundcloud sites.



Rin Tin Tiger is an alternative folk rock trio from San Francisco, CA. High energy, lyric heavy, acoustic guitar lead songs about life in contemporary society. The sound is often described as a blend between early Bob Dylan, Violent Femmes, and Tupac. They have shared the stage with Minus the Bear, Young the Giant, Manchester Orchestra, Max Bemis of Say Anything, The Lumineers, Jay Brannan, Fences, Los Amigos Invisibles, Mike Coykendall, Ida, Hey Marseilles, and many more along the West Coast.

Their music has been featured on Live 105, 107.7 The Bone,, Save Alternative, KSFS, KSJS, KSCU (top 30 Nov 2011), KALX, KDVS, KALW, Alabama Public Radio, Radio Valencia, Palo Alto based television show "American Songwriter",'s "Mevio Underground",, KOFY TV's Creepy KOFY Movie Time, and more. They have also been written about by The San Francisco Chronicle, The Bay Bridged, The Bay Guardian, Performer Magazine, East Bay Express, The Owl Mag, The Deli SF, and many more.

Their latest album "Toxic Pocketbook," released July 24 2012, was recorded entirely live to two inch tape at Tiny Telephone Studios without the use of computers or any modern editing techniques. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, eMusic, and many more online retailers, including this website.

"Uptempo Dylanesque tunes...these guys bear watching" - SF WEEKLY

"An acoustic guitar and their three sweet will not be disappointed" -

"Genuine, unadulterated folk alternative. It's the kind of album you might get a craving for at the end of your night when only that one song will really hit the spot." - The Bay Bridged



Silent Pictures is the collaboration of Alexander Mann and Rene Love who first met and performed together between 1989 and 1991 in Valeria, a bay area based band. Upon the dissolution of that project both Rene and Alexander continued to perform throughout the world separately in multitude of projects such as Mellow Drunk, Bobbie Marie, Boyskout and Protection supporting groups such as Supergrass, The Church, The Killers, Luna, Tegan and Sara, Trashcan Sinatras, the Brian Jonestown Massacre to name just a few. In 2010 Alexander began to record music and films for Silent Pictures whose first performance was in early 2010 supporting iconic 80's glam goth band Gene Love's Jezebel in San Francisco. It was around that time that Alexander and Rene reunited in a bicoastal fashion between NYC and Silicon Valley to flesh out what was becoming one part performance art, one part visual and one part audio related project. Each song is performed to film, with films and songwriting intertwined as both motivation and inspiration. As of 2012 4 enhanced EP's containing film and audio had been released. After a few North American tours in 2011 and 2012 Legendary 4AD, Mute Records Producer John Fryer met Silent Pictures. John is credited on working on the first records for Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Cocteau Twins, NIN as well as famous singles and other albums such as "So Alive" by Love and Rockets, Wire and Chapterhouse. He began to mix and / or remix the bands recordings in Oslo Norway to put his own special touch on what was already a unique sound. A few songs from Silent Pictures upcoming LP Under Exposed are influenced by some of John's past collaborations with other artists beloved to the members of Silent Pictures. The birth of Silent Pictures began in 1878 in Stanford California when Eadweard Muybridge and his remarkable technical skills produced the first-ever silent pictures and proved that a running horse has all four feet off the ground. Hijacking a movie genre is not an easy task. Much energy is put into preserving the vast collectively owned heritage which is the public property of all free breathing citizens on the planet earth--our early life in celluloid, music, free imagery and speech. The debut full length Under Exposed will be released in 2013 on 180g black virgin wax with hand screened LP jackets. Each will also include a digital download of both MP4 films and high quality WAV audio or 320 bps MP3 audio. Silent Pictures will not add to the silicon landfill which is poisoning our planet. A percentage of proceeds from this release will be given to new forms of recycling, vinyl and vintage film preservation... thank you for your attention. (all four EP releases can be downloaded here)


The Seaons (see-ons) are a young Southern Oregon Indie Rock band playing original songs. Their influences range from the joyful renderings of African marimba to the soothing harmonies of modern Indie Rock. While refusing to fall neatly into any one genre the band develops all their compositions around a myriad of ideas and carefully completes the tunes with well placed percussion and an unspoken willingness to please.

The band name originated when one former member misspelled the word "seasons." After encountering the mistake, the new pronunciation intrigued the band enough to adopt it as their permanent moniker.

Once the new name was established, original Seaons members Sean Siders (lead vocal, keys, guitar) and Micah McCaw (lead guitar and vocals) began to expand their repertoire and their fan base. During 2012 The Seaons added Alex Detweiler (drums and vocals) and Grayson Phelps (bass and vocals). All four members are multi instrumentalists, adding diversity to an already eclectic live performance.

One highlight of 2012 saw the band open at the prestigious Britt Festivals for Huey Lewis and the News.

The Seaons spent much of the 2012 winter mixing and recording their new album, Sun Gun, which was released in late April, 2013. The production of the album was in the capable hands of Indie Rock artist, Bret Levick. Tapping into the experience of Levick's musical journey, The Seaons are emerging on the scene with youthful enthusiasm and a well-appointed catalog of diverse compositions. Visit Bret Levick, formerly of GiftHorse and currently of LEFT, at his website



Formed in December 2009, The Wild Reeds began as a trio, with emphasis on vocal harmony. Now as a full five piece band, they have made great strides in a more powerful and compelling direction while still supplying their trademark three-part harmonies. They present a captivating live performance; aided by haunting and endearing melodies, with wide range of eclectic instrumentation. To date, they have independently released two albums (Songs for the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, and Even When the Strong Winds Blow), toured the West coast a few times, and played a myriad of places in the Los Angeles music scene. Stay tuned, educate yourself, and enjoy the inspiring and salient tunes of The Wild Reeds.



Mike Ackman, who performs under the name Together We Are Robots (formerly Xombie), has been writing and composing chipmusic with two classic Nintendo Gameboys since 2008. With the recent addition of guitar and vocals, Together We Are Robots has combined catchy 8bit melodies with folk-punk energy.


Site updates in progress. Please check back soon for full listings!

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