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After a two-year hiatus, San Jose's The Albert Square returns as singer/songwriter Sim Castro's solo project. Backed by Southern California's Summer Vacation, How Is Everbody's Doings? is a collection of driven, lo-fi songs straddling the border of punk and indie rock and centering around themes of loneliness, isolation and the consequences of royally screwing up. They've been described as "a power-pop band... showcasing a vocabulary that rivals Greg Graffin" (Razorcake).



AMONIE is an instrumental rock band formed in the mid-2000's and comprised of Syrus Fotovat, Nicholas Ereso, Noel Huh, and Dan Barrera. Blending minimal ambient elements with gargantuan distortion and dynamics, they casually teeter the line between punishing and sentimental. Recognized for their visceral and challenging live performances they have performed with artists such as: Big Business, Thrones, Jucifer and, most recently, San Francisco's Deafheaven.

Aquarius Records in San Francisco, a Bay Area institution for independent music, had this to say in their review of LAST RITES, AMONIE's debut E.P.: "... it's pretty much everything we love about this kind of stuff, soaring and majestic, epic and moody and emotional. Definitely beholden to another time, their sound reminiscent of the nineties, and the whole instrumental math/post rock scene that flourished then, it was an era of music we love and miss, and we wish there were more bands today doing something similar... Fans of Godspeed, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and other epic post rockers will flip for these guys."



Attik Door is a 5-piece hard rock band from San Francisco consisting of frontwoman Liana, bass player Margarita, guitarists Alex and Tim, and drummer Igor. The band's music style is a mix of hard rock, alternative rock, punk rock and R&B, with every member contributing their own ideas to the songwriting process. In 3 years of activity, the band has played in venues such as Slim's (SF), Rickshaw Stop (SF), Bottom of the Hill (SF), Thee Parkside (SF), Night Light (Oakland) and Neck of the Woods (SF) to name just a few.





Starover Blue (formerly Cartoon Bar Fight) is a five piece experimental indie-rock/folk ensemble from San Jose, CA. Original members Dirk Milotz and Kendall Sallay met in San Jose State's music department in 2007, where Milotz studied piano and composition and Sallay studied classical voice. The lineup includes Milotz (piano, synth), Sallay (vocals, guitar), Joel Zelaya (lead guitar, effects), Max Rogers (bass), and Jerald Bittle (drums). Starover Blue recently self-released their debut full-length, Reincarnate (2012), a collection of songs revolving around the themes of death and life, as well as a three-song sci-fi EP, The Labyrinth Suite (2013).



San Jose native David Knight fuses the soulful meditations of his songwriting with a love of cinematic soundscapes and sample-based electronic music.

After spending several years living abroad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, producing music and recording field samples around the region, Knight returns with an exciting array of new songs inspired by his travels.

Knight has released a number of recordings and played widely in California, Malaysia and Singapore.



Doc makes music with handheld consumer electronics... because it's fun. He first started making electronic jams on his Playstation using MTV Music Generator. After a couple of years he moved to using Reason on a more powerful computer, which was a ton of fun and sounded dope, but eventually lost it's appeal. Now he makes beats on Gameboys and iPhones.



'Dogcatcher is an indie band influenced equally by vintage soul music, folky Americana, and contemporary hip-hop beats. Based out of San Jose, CA, Dogcatcher has released the groove-driven record "It's Easy" in 2012, preceded by the more acoustic "KILR" in 2011.

After after a stint with the Marines in the Iraq war, Andrew Heine chose the artist's path, going as far as to live out of his car in San Diego, selling his paintings for burrito money. Andrew formed Dogcatcher during that time in San Diego, eventually relocating to the SF Bay Area and releasing the debut album "KILR" in 2011. During the process of recording "KILR", Andrew picked up drummer Ramon Esquivel. Although Jared Milos had initially played trumpet and trombone on selected tracks on "KILR", he quickly stepped in to fill the bass guitar spot in Dogcatcher shortly after the record's release. Having played 3-hour sets at the local dive bar, Dogcatcher moved into a more groove-oriented mode, which is represented on their second record "Be Easy," released in 2012. Dogcatcher picked up kindred spirit/guitarist Colin Hayes (Owl Paws, Girl Named T) in 2013. Since releasing "Be Easy," Dogcatcher has taken their hybrid of folk rock and hip-hop beats to audiences at the Fillmore Poster Room, The Elbo Room, Bottom of the Hill, The Blank Club, The Art Boutiki, San Pedro Square and many other great venues.

Dogcatcher was chosen twice as one of the top-20 local bands in the Bay Area by Modern Rock radio station Live 105 in 2012 and 2013, and has played acoustic sets in the Poster Room of the legendary Fillmore during performances by The Eels, Spiritualized, The Dandy Warhols, Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Neon Trees, and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Dogcatcher has been hard at work on new music, and are anticipating releasing a new record in 2014.'



Francisco Fernandez brings the energy of Bob Dylan, the finesse of Elvis, and the heart of Johnny Cash everywhere he goes, but his soul bleeds James Brown.

With The Ferocious Few he stirs up a fresh blend of rock n' roll, based in it's soul shaking roots, but going 120mph into our ferocious future.

The Ferocious Few will take your heart and tear it open, leaving you feeling complete, and craving more.


"...this duo whip up a carnal excitement that simply electrifies every place they perform, they are set to take over the world as if it was their very own street corner." Spinning Platters



Ghost to Falco has been a thing for over ten years. The last year has seen an official showcase spot at SxSW, touring in the U.S., two months straight of touring in Europe, and the release of the fourth full length album, Soft Shield, which is being praised as the strongest Ghost to Falco album to date.

Ghost to Falco has shared bills with the likes of Scout Niblett, Mount Eerie, Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Mike Watt, Akron/Family, Eternal Tapestry, Little Wings, Father Murphy, Lilacs & Champagne, among many others.

"Long As I Can See the Light, Inside Ghost to Falco's Blanket Fort"
by Ned Lannamann, Portland Mercury

"Portland's Ghost to Falco has dragged its heels through a career far harder to classify than those enjoyed by many of its experimental-pop peers...the group has quietly built itself a catalog of experimental-pop dirges equal to that of any of its iconoclastic cohorts." ~Aquarius Records


With soaring, textured songs, Halcyonaire beckons listeners deep into their tense soundscapes to experience the full rich spectrum of frustration and bewilderment that comes with examining the seeming futility and empty anxiety of life alone in a city.

Chris, Brandt, Geoff and Joel live and record in Oakland, CA and travel frequently throughout the region.



"Hawk Jones' early recordings paired the unlikely combination of driving punk rock drumming and weird, finger-tapping guitar work, making them a difficult group to classify. Experimental-punk seemed like the best description. But with their new EP, Que Rico, the San Jose band headlining at the Caravan on Saturday shakes things up a bit.

The punk rock edge is toned way down, making it just experimental. It's not that the drummer has slowed down, but the playing is so much more complicated, "punk rock" no longer seems an apt description. It's much more in the vein of King Crimson and early Tera Melos.

The guitar work too is as weird as ever. They implement a lot more strange techniques than just finger-tapping. The guitars are balanced out with a lot more synthesizers than the earlier recordings. It's a multi-layered, math-rock, musical journey.

The songs on the first half of the EP have about ten sections apiece, not including the weird stops and starts and abrupt breakdowns in-between sections. On the opening track, "Cold Hands," drummer Joshua Fairfield shows off his spastic chops and approaches his kit from just about every angle except the standard 4/4 rock beat. Every couple measures, guitarist Brandon Foss pulls out a new part, whether it's power chords, finger tapping or just atmospheric noises. And René Francis Jr, who doubles up on bass and synthesizers fills out the songs with psychedelic washes and math riff rocking. Nobody in the band stops to take a breath.

Things mellow out a bit on the second half. "Out of Place" is a slow burner. They stick to one basic riff and work off of that, giving it plenty of minor alterations and nuances. They build through repetition and play with dynamics gradually. That doesn't mean there aren't a few abrupt stops, like halfway through the song when Fairfield changes his drum beat and everyone drops out for a couple lines. The synthesizer and guitar re-enter the song gently, creating a dissonant, slow build to the finish.

Vocals are few and far between. "Pop Grass," probably the most accessible song on the record, follows a more standard structure, with actual repeating vocal parts and a guitar riff and synth part that would almost fit an Interpol song. Of course with the weird instrumentation between vocals and a twenty second drum outro, it probably won't be getting on the radio anytime soon, not that Hawk Jones crafted one second of this EP with that in mind."

- Aaron Carnes,



John Stanley McArter was born Herbert Stanley Bail, a man who led many lives. Now Herbert Bail acts as a collective alter ego for a band of schemers and dreamers hailing from all over different parts of the U.S. One of LA WEEKLY's BEST SHOWS TO SEE IN LA. "A danceable Wild West showdown!" says K. Beachum of Violent Success. Herbert Bail creates musical narratives that are epic tales. Taking the listener on a journey through the dark heart of the American West, emerging with a silver lining of hope and optimism.

Herbert Bail's first self-titled EP was released in November of 2011 and the first full length album "The Future's in the Past" was released on December, 21 2012. "The Future's in the Past is a sprawling collection of gypsy folk that's rich in storytelling and carving out myths of its own." says Kevin Bronson of BuzzbandsLA. The new album traverses from the cryptic shadows of Holy Smokes to the Western infused ballads portrayed in songs like The Nature of Things .

The Herbert Bail Orchestra has also earned notable attention on KXLU, KTLA, Good Morning LA, AXS TV, SOFAR Sounds, SXSW's Crave Online Music Showcase, The Basement Sessions and was been featured in LA Weekly's BEST CONCERTS TO SEE IN LA, LA Record, BuzzBandsLA, Las Vegas Weekly,Inland Empire Weekly, mySpoonful and was Filter Magazine's Featured Band of the Month for February 2013 to name a few.



Katelyn's musical storytelling is influenced strongly by artists such as Fiona Apple, The Postal Service and the Violent Femmes. Kitten Grenade - the EP - pushes the boundaries of indie folk pop, with a wide spectrum of emotion, from angst to hope and resignation.

Katelyn studied opera and musical theater as a child and was strongly encouraged by her grandfather, well known Jazz saxophonist, Buddy Sullivan. She lives in a sunny apartment in San Francisco's Mission District with her fiance and their dog, Nietzsche.



Hailing from the middle of California, Light Thieves of Fresno, delivers their spin on spacey psych pop and creates an atmosphere that will keep you on your toes but will also allow you to get lost in the groove. The quartet consists of guitar, bass, drums and synthesizer keyboards, creating a cosmic backdrop for your eyes and ears.



O'Craven! high charged, heavy, celtic, rock music! When this Kilt clad clan hits the stage everyone becomes part of the show. Whether it's from there catchy sing along lyrics, the upbeat melodic melodies, or there high energy antics. What ever your looking for this band has it. From heavy rock steady beats and shredding guitar solos, to traditional Celtic rhythms and instrumentation, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, tin whistle, ect... They have got it all. What ever the occasion, who ever the audience. O'Craven will get the house jumping!




What started as the musical brainchild of two East Coast college kids with an overly eclectic taste in music has now morphed into a 5-piece band with explosive energy. With influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Bad Religion, from Jethro Tull to RxBandits, The Phoenix Twin always brings a healthy dose of fresh and original tunes to their audiences. Over the past four years, the band has rocked on both coasts of the country, bringing their unique blend of dynamic arrangements, multi-layered harmonies, and raw punk energy to every city they come through. Now the restless troupe makes their home in San Jose, and they are continuing to turn heads with their vibrant and engaging live performances. They just finished recording their latest single "The Hero Chord," and are currently in the studio working on their long-awaited EP. The Phoenix Twin is: Benjy Smax on Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica, Craig Lebovic on Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin, Aaron Pitsenberger on Vocals/Keyboard, Rob Curzon on Bass, and Nitin Nimgaonkar on Drums.



Rebelskamp is a unique, eclectic band of improvisational musicians that is known for their musical originality, intense and evocative live shows, and their keen ability to adapt to any given environment. This band of brothers and friends acts as a chameleon of the music scene, playing sets to suit their surroundings, and bringing a barrier-breaking, genre-bending experience that is not only musically magical, but is slightly different every time. Though no two songs are alike, a signature sound emanates. Rebelskamp rearranges the very fundamentals of music as we know it through pure, unfiltered artistic expression in its most free form. Their debut 2013 release, "The Kill", has a sound and feel that reflects the collective musical influences of its members, touching on elements of soul, rock, funk, jazz, blues, and hip-hop music. This universal blend of sounds is what makes the Rebelskamp so unique and unpredictable. The group consists of G Willikers (Jesse Huelsenkamp) on vocals & guitars, Verse (Jeremiah Huelsenkamp) on bass/backing vocals, Justin Huelsenkamp on keys, synth, vocoder, & effects, & DanG on drums and percussion. The band also features other instrumentalists such as Juan Maserati on keys, Kenny Bundy on saxophone, and Jeremy Deneau on lead guitars. This group of eccentric musicians (once part of the San Jose Hip-Hop group LSP) started gigging as Rebelskamp in 2011 after taking their sound to the public from a friend's Garage in 2010, and has not stopped since. The band has quickly made a name for themselves in their native San Jose, CA.



An intoxicating mixed drink of soul-jive and gypsy-blues, Royal Jelly dives deep head-first into the old school throwback sounds of the 1940's with a groovy new twist. Rapturous horns, sleek bass, elegant keys and swingin' cymbals are just some of the sweet tastes you may devour if you're lucky enough to catch them. All fronted by the sultry and soulful vocals of Lauren Bjelde, this band will have you stompin' your feet with crooked delight until the moon comes back up again. Go get yourself some of that Royal Jelly now!



"America's best-kept secret. No superpower likes to concede the presence of an autonomous state within its borders"
-The Wire, 1988

"Savage Republic are the best group you never stood still for"
-NME, 03/1986

Rising from the Los Angeles underground of the 1980s, Savage Republic forged an astonishing reputation by virtue of five mesmerizing studio albums and a string of legendary live performances. Forever shifting, their brand of ritualistically tribal exhibitions blurred the boundaries of postpunk, industrial and soundtrack music, incorporating minimalist bass rumbles, exotic metal percussion, primal chants, middle eastern melodies and even shards of surf guitar. Add to this iconic letterpress graphics by founder member Bruce Licher, and Savage Republic stack up as one of the most exciting and potent experimental groups to emerge at any time or place during the last three decades.



The Seaons (see-ons) are a young Southern Oregon Indie Rock band playing original songs. Their influences range from the joyful renderings of African marimba to the soothing harmonies of modern Indie Rock. While refusing to fall neatly into any one genre the band develops all their compositions around a myriad of ideas and carefully completes the tunes with well placed percussion and an unspoken willingness to please.

The band name originated when one former member misspelled the word "seasons." After encountering the mistake, the new pronunciation intrigued the band enough to adopt it as their permanent moniker.

Once the new name was established, original Seaons members Sean Siders (lead vocal, keys, guitar) and Micah McCaw (lead guitar and vocals) began to expand their repertoire and their fan base. During 2012 The Seaons added Alex Detweiler (drums and vocals) and Grayson Phelps (bass and vocals). All four members are multi instrumentalists, adding diversity to an already eclectic live performance.

One highlight of 2012 saw the band open at the prestigious Britt Festivals for Huey Lewis and the News.

The Seaons spent much of the 2012 winter mixing and recording their new album, Sun Gun, which was released in late April, 2013. The production of the album was in the capable hands of Indie Rock artist, Bret Levick. Tapping into the experience of Levick's musical journey, The Seaons are emerging on the scene with youthful enthusiasm and a well-appointed catalog of diverse compositions. Visit Bret Levick, formerly of GiftHorse and currently of LEFT, at his website




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